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by IT'S OK!

spoken-word-and-live-literature, music-and-opera

Being 'othered' as genderqueer or 'special' - full story!

about the production

In IT’S OK! Richard Lafford & Leslie Tate tell the inside story in words, images, music & dance of being mis-labelled as special needs or assigned the wrong gender. Seen as ‘different’ and ‘other’ during childhood, musician Richard and writer Leslie were stigmatised. It’s a show that will change how you see men. From being bullied & silenced to personal rebirth, Richard & Leslie will take you on a journey to the gender-free & #EndTheStigma uplands where IT’S OK!

about the artist

Richard Lafford is a musician with one album out who organises other musicians into indie gigs. Leslie Tate, who is non-binary, interviews people weekly on radio and on his/her website. Both are long-term climate activists and Leslie is part of an Extinction Rebellion stage programming team.

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stage dimensions

width: 3 metres

height: 1 metre

depth: 3 metres

Lighting, PA system, small plugin amp for keyboard (but can bring own), pencil lights for reading text in darkened auditorium. Will use venue keyboard if available, but also can bring own keyboard.

People curious about gender issues, mental health issues and who love indie music/words/dance and enjoy deeply-revealing, positive interviews.

As the Artistic Director of The Pump House Theatre, Watford, I've been delighted, over the years, to feature three shows from Leslie Tate at our Watfringe Fest. All three have been original, thought-provoking and powerfully presented. IT'S OK! with Richard Lafford, the latest, combined music, dance, readings and interviews in an immersive show about mental health and being non-binary. Leslie is a positive, creative force who we love having with us!

Sharon Gaffney, Artistic Director, The Pump House Theatre, Watford

"Its OK" is a fascinating show about the experiences of Leslie Tate and Richard Lafford. They use poems, songs and dance to reveal their challenges of childhood and what has helped them to grow as adults. Leslie's beautiful words and movements.are accompanied by Richard's sensitive accompaniment. Richard sings his own lovely songs also. They explore subjects such as bullying, being labelled with special needs and the challenges of moving outside the boundaries of what is seen as male behaviour. I found it fascinating as a man but I think that anyone would find it compelling to see such honesty.

Stephen Marcus, teacher and climate activist

This is a performance about inclusivity and should inspire anyone who has been similarly 'othered' for who they are.

Will advertise on Leslie's radio programme and on website, amplified on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We have a large number of personal contact and followers who would be iinterested.

£200 travel expenses. Nothng else.

Both had booster vaccinations so unlikely to be infectious.